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Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises constitute the backbone of an economy in maintaining an appreciable growth rate and in generating employment opportunities. This sector has been regarded as engine of economic growth and social development in many developed and developing countries. Contribution of MSME to the Indian economy in terms of employment generation, containing regional disparities, fostering equitable economic growth and enhancing export potential of the country has been quite phenomenal. Despite some infrastructural deficiencies and challenges like flow of institutional credit and inadequate market linkages, this sector has registered remarkable success with regard to increase in number, quantum of investment, scale of production and overall contribution to national GDP. The study makes an attempt to focus on the huge growth potential and opportunities available in India for development of MSME sector, to identify important issues and challenges and offer suggestions to address the same.

Micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in India and abroad have demonstrated considerable strength and resilience in maintaining a consistent rate of growth and employment generation during the global recession and economic slowdown. Indian economy during the recent years has shown an appreciable growth performance by contributing to creation of livelihood opportunities to millions of people ,in enhancing the export potential and in increasing the overall economic growth of the country. Prompt and appropriate fiscal stimulus, effective monetary policy and huge capital inflows were greatly instrumental in the bounce back situation of the economy .As a catalyst for socio-economic transformation of the country, the MSME sector is extremely crucial in addressing the national objectives of bridging the rural-urban divide, reducing poverty and generating employment to the teeming millions. It is therefore, essential that India adopts a suitable policy frame work that provides the required impetus to seize the opportunities and create an enabling business environment in order to keep the momentum of growth and holistic development. It is equally important that the MSME sector must address the infrastructural deficiencies and is well empowered to meet the emerging challenges for its sustainable growth and survival in a globally competitive order.



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