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FSSAI Registration/License

FSSAI Registration

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is a legal authority that offers a food license to all food business operators (FBO) in India. All the FBOs must follow all the rules and regulations of FSSAI for food quality control.
An FBO requires an FSSAI License or Registration all depends upon the parts like the size of production, managing nature of food business activities and range of operation. In the FSSAI Registration process, the FBO will get 14 digit number that needs to be printed on food packages.
FSSAI Registration ensures the security of food products and it is essentially a food safety certificate circulated by the food authority in India. All the manufacturers, traders, restaurants, grocery shops, importers and exporters, etc are eligible for issuing FSSAI Licence. FSSAI Licensing assures that food products undergo specific quality checks, thereby decreasing the cases of adulteration, substandard products.

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Procedure To Obtain FSSAI Registration Certificate or License Online

Drafting Documents

Application Filing

Application Processing

Completion of Registration

Documents Required for FSSAI Registration or License

What Is In Our Package?

Benefits of FSSAI Registration or License

Consumer Awareness

FBOs must know FSSAI Licence adds on the benefit of a reliable & loyal customer base.

Legal Advantage

FSSAI Registration is done under the regulatory body FSSAI, legal action being taken for any non- compliance.


FSSAI logo is a mark of validity and an assurance to your consumers that the food is safe to consume.

Business Expansion

The goodwill of the Food Safety Management Systems (FSMS) will make business available and effortless to expand.

FSSAI Registration or License FAQs

Do I need to get Basic FSSAI Registration or State or Central license?
The requirement of FSSAI Registration or license depends upon turnover and type of food business activity. Generally, Basic FSSAI Registration will fulfil your requirement if your turnover is below ₹12 lakh, else you need State or Central FSSAI license.

What is FSSAI?
Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is an autonomous body established under the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India with the vision of maintaining food hygiene standards.

When it is mandatory?
Every business that enters into the food industry, directly or indirectly, requires FSSAI registration or license to start a business under food industry.

When is the FSSAI license is mandatory to be obtained?
Obtaining FSSAI license is obligatory for all food business operators whose Annual turnover exceeds ₹12 lakh and Production capacity is more than 100kg per day. Based on the type of profession, businesses are required to issue FSSAI license from Union or State Government.

What is the validity of my FSSAI Registration/license?
The validity of FSSAI Registration/License is varied from 1-5 years. Accordingly, the person needs to apply for FSSAI Renewal.

When FSSAI state license is required?
There is different threshold limit for the different kind of food processing units.

When FSSAI central license is required?
There is different threshold limit for the different kind of food processing units.

What do I require if I’m an Importer from an EOU- an FSSAI license or certificate?
All the traders and Importer who are operating from 100% Export oriented unit (EOUs) require a Central FSSAI license.

I am a Food Caterer operating in a railway stations. Do, I require FSSAI State license?
All the Food Caterers operating from the government establishments such as railway stations & airports require FSSAI Central license.

When is FSSAI registration compulsory based on the type of activity?
On the basis of the type of activity, FSSAI registration is compulsory for-

  • A vendor who prepares or sells any of the food articles as a petty retailer, hawker, peddler, small vendor or a road stall holder
  • Distributor of foods related to religious, seasonal or social gathering occasions (excluding caterers)
  • Food manufacturer or processor except for dairy & poultry supplier, whose production capacity is less than 100 l or kg per day
  • Dealers of Diary products, whose extraction, storage or collection capacity is up to 500 litres every day
  • Poultry suppliers whose slaughtering capacity is equal to 2 big animals and 10 small animals or 50 poultry birds (e.g. chicken, turkey etc.) per day.
  • All other petty food businesses such as restaurants, dhabas, canteens/mess, transporters etc. whose turnover is up to ₹12 lakh.

What is the criteria for FSSAI Central license for the transporters of the food products?
Those having turnover < ₹30 Crore and owning up to 100 wagons require FSSAI State license. Those with turnover > ₹30 Crore and owning more than 100 wagons require FSSAI Central license.

What is the criteria for FSSAI registration for the Dairy units?
Those processing between 500 l to 50,000 l/day milk require FSSAI State license. Those processing above 50,000 l or 2500 MT/day milk requires a Central FSSAI license.



FSSAI Application Preparation
eFilingIndia FSSAI Expert will prepare your FSSAI application and collect the documents necessary through the WhatsApp & email.
FSSAI Application Filing
Once the application is prepared and documents are collected, we will file your application online and provide you receipt immediately.
FSSAI Registration Certificate
Once the FSSAI application and the attached supporting documents are verified by the Officer, FSSAI Certificate is provided.


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