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Potentialities for Growth : Opportunities

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises have substantially contributed to the economic development of our country. The MSME sector in India occupies the second position next alone to agriculture in terms of employment generation. This sector accounts for about 95% of the industrial units, 45% of manufacturing output, 40% of exports total exports of the country .MSMEs have greater opportunities to grow as ancillary industries to unleash higher industrial growth. MSMEs being less capital intensive and more employment-friendly have easier access to raw materials, subsidies and other incentives under cluster programs. The country has huge growth potential to create and enhance the capacity of enterprises both in the manufacturing and service sector by using the available resources. There are huge opportunities for the MSMEs to grow as ancillary industries to unleash greater industrial growth. Development of the sector is therefore extremely important as it holds the key to inclusive growth and plays a pivotal role in holistic development of the country. India is the fourth largest economy in the world (in terms of PPP mode, and the second largest in developing Asia) which accounts for 22% of GDP, 33.8% population and 32.5% of the potential workforce in developing Asia. The incidence of growth is evident from the increased investment in infrastructure, abundant job opportunities, emergence of a robust private sector with small and big companies/ corporate houses and high rise in consumerism. The MSME sector has the potentialities to emerge as the backbone of Indian economy and to continue as an engine of growth provided an environment-friendly policy framework and enabling infrastructural support are made available for its functional operations. MSMEs in India consistently feed the domestic and the international value chain as manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, retailers, contractors and service provider by accounting for a substantial segment of our industrial units. This sector has been performing appreciably better than the overall rate of GDP (average 8% growth per annum) and the overall industrial output (measured by Index of Industrial Production-IIP). Availability of adequate financial resources, a supportive policy framework to address the areas like entrepreneurial skill development, a competent pool of human resources, application of latest technology and new innovations, adequate international market linkages and bilateral trade agreements etc. would make the Indian MSME sector globally competitive to address the emerging challenges and help ensure their sustainability.



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